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About Us

Power Chiropractic Clinic waiting roomDr. Mary Power founded her first chiropractic office in 2017. When she opened Power Chiropractic Clinic in Batesville, she intended on opening more centers for natural healing in our area. The key was to find a like-minded practitioner who could carry on her vision of helping others to live their best possible life.

Almost a decade ago, Dr. Power had a flat tire. It was her good fortune that Dr. Leslie McClellan pulled over on the road to assist her. They kept in touch over the years, even working at the same chiropractic office at one point. When Dr. McClellan wanted to make a change, she knew exactly who she wanted to work with. She gave Dr. Power a call, and the decision to open a practice in Russellville was made.

Pairing Advanced Technology and Multiple Solutions

When you become a patient with us, you’ll have access to the latest and greatest technology and techniques in the health field. We have digital X-rays and the computerized ProAdjuster adjusting instrument. With these methods, we can gain an in-depth look at your health and give you the precise correction you need. We also have a comfortable drop table, which is fantastic for expecting moms.

In addition to chiropractic, we have acupuncture, physiological therapeutics and massage therapy available to you.

How May We Help You?

Our patients include people who have been plagued by headaches and migraines for years. Used to taking daily medication, they found the relief they needed with chiropractic. We’ve seen many people with sciatica that suffered from discomfort in their back and leg. When it comes to our younger patients, many were colicky babies until chiropractic helped to alleviate their symptoms.

It’s important that you know chiropractic doesn’t “treat” anything. Instead, we work to improve your spine and nervous system function. In turn, you’ll find that your health-related issues clear up as your body works the way it was intended to.

Schedule a Free Consultations

We’d love to meet you, discuss your goals and find out what you’d like to achieve. Then, we’ll create a plan that helps you get there. Experience our positive healing environment. Contact us today!

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