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Chiroprator Russellville, Dr. Leslie Monette McClellan

Meet Dr. Leslie McClellan

Experiencing the Incredible Effects of Chiropractic

When Dr. McClellan was young, her family was in a car accident. All of them began to see a chiropractor to get help for their aches and pains. As she began care, Dr. McClellan noticed that the allergies and asthma that had plagued her life were alleviated. The medications she’d taken for it became a thing of the past as her lungs began to function as they were supposed to.

I’d known since I was little that I wanted a job where I could help people. After experiencing the amazing changes that took place in me and my family members, I knew that being a chiropractor was what I wanted to do.

Training and Qualifications

Dr. McClellan attended Parker University in Dallas, Texas to obtain her Doctor of Chiropractic. The additional training she had undertaken include certification in acupuncture and certification in pregnancy and pediatrics. She is also certified in providing the Webster Technique.

There are too many people out there who aren’t living their fullest life. They can be happier, healthier and do what they want well into their golden years. My parents are now in their 70s, and you’d never know it. They work on their farm and do their daily activities with no problems. My dad could outwork most 20-year-olds!


Staying Active in Our Community

When she isn’t with patients, Dr. McClellan stays busy with her church and 4H. She does orienteering for shooting sports and enjoys hiking and riding horses. Her husband was her high school sweetheart, and they have two children. Their son is in basic training for the National Guard and will be attending college for animal science. Their daughter is in high school and loves to show her animals in 4H and participate in dance.

  • Great staff, great experience! I love being a patient of Dr. McClellan.
    -Ashley J.
  • Allie and Dr McClellan we both just amazing. This is an amazing practice. I’ve been using chiropractic care for 40+ years. I’m pretty much an expert patient. Excellent!
    -Eileen W.
  • I love everything about this clinic! Dr. McClellan is so knowledgeable and caring, as well all the staff at Power Chiropractic.
    -Susan O.
  • By far the best care I’ve received from a team registering my back pain! For years I’ve been told it’s in my head or there is nothing that can be done. I am very hopeful we can help remedy the issue!
    -Jessica L.
  • Thank-you Dr. Leslie! That headache I’ve had since 1996 is gone. I haven’t felt it since you adjusted me. Woo Hoo!
    -Sandra C.
  • The staff is gracious and professional. Dr. McClellan is a knowledgeable and skilled practitioner. I appreciate all of the services available in one clinic! I highly recommend Power Chiropractic!
    -Susan O.
  • I would recommend this establishment to anyone and everyone. I believe they all need and deserve a huge raise!
    -Zachary P.
  • Dr. McClellan and her staff express themselves with a genuine care and concern for the well being of patients. Thank you for the way you have equipped yourselves to be of divine assistance. I wish you all the best.
    -Lyn W.

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